Versar Inc. Joins Web3D Consortium as a Directing Member

Web3D Consortium announces Versar, Inc. joining as a Directing Member taking a leadership role in developing open solutions using X3D. As Web3D distribution channels mature, there is considerable interest in improving the handling of interactive 3D using X3D4 Graphics Standard capabilities as the public-facing presentation layer. This convergence is exciting with the recent government contract to Swift River Versar JV to reduce the effects of land corrosion at U.S. Naval facilities. We welcome Versar to the Web3D community.

By joining  the Web3D Consortium as a directing member Versar, Inc. continues pursuing its mission of both preservation and access by providing sustainable solutions in construction and environment domains. Versar, Inc. intends to take a leadership  role in the Web3D Consortium's business and interoperability Working Groups, expanding open solutions for Web3D's X3D ISO standard, that integrates delivery of real-time 3D graphics. Versar will provide rich requirements content to evolve X3D for Building Information Management needs. The Versar team has been working with our members Synergy Software Solutions (SSD), Virginia Tech (VT) and Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) teams to publish 3D models using X3D.

This convergence becomes important with their recently awarded contract by Naval Facilities Engineering Command (NAVFAC) Washington to develop a comprehensive plan to reduce the effects of land subsidence, sea-level rise, groundwater change, coastal flooding/storm surge, and inadequate storm water management at Naval Support Activity Annapolis (NSAA) and the United States Naval Academy (USNA).

Anita Havele, executive director of the Web3D Consortium stated, "The Consortium warmly welcomes Versar and is looking forward to working closely with them to further improve X3D functionality and interoperability"

Versar looks forward to collaborating with the consortium membership to advocate for the adoption, deployment, and procurement of X3D4.  We believe this new standard will benefit our diverse client base and look forward to playing an influential role in its evolution.  By leveraging the consortium's technical excellence and history of developing open platforms that promote interoperability, Versar is eager to work with the consortium to bring innovation solutions leveraging this new standard and achieving the consortium's goal of X3D Everywhere.   

Dwane Stone, Chief Executive Officer of Versar stated, "Versar is looking forward to working with the Consortium to collaboratively develop the X3D standards and tools and making them widely adopted across our markets.

The Web3D Consortium is an international non-profit member-driven and funded industry consortium involved in many technical initiatives and workflows across the 3D value chain. It's X3D ISO/IEC standard is the leading royalty-free, open 3D file format standard and run-time architecture to communicate 3D scenes on the Web. 

Versar, Inc. is a global  company based in Washington, DC. Versar provides program management support and tailored solutions to government clients as well as to industries worldwide, delivering construction management, environmental sciences, security systems integration services and engineering infrastructure solutions. 

 X3D™ is a registered trademark.

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 Contact: Anita Havele, Executive Director, Web3D Consortium anita.havele (at)

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Sat, 2021-02-27