The Web3D Consortium encourages participation from organizations, professionals, students, and the 3D community. We provide different levels of membership to best suit your needs.  Our non-profit organization is truly open, encouraging membership for students, professionals, academic institutions, business organizations and government agencies.  Member benefits are numerous, including insider access to future technology plans.  You too can help set the direction and goals of the Consortium.

Community participation is also welcome, the Mailing Lists page provides information on joining our public forums.

You can participate in the Web3D Consortium Working Groups where technical committees consider and develop solutions for specific technical challenges and opportunities.  Working group charters are reviewed by the Board of Directors to meet the needs of the Consortium and the community.

Please see our Join the Consortium page for further benefits and details regarding our various membership opportunities.  Thanks for considering the possibilities!

You can stay further informed with our Calendar, the News and Events page, Twitter @Web3dConsortiumFacebook, and YouTube sites. As ever, feel free to Contact Us about your interests! Web3D Members and invited experts are welcome to participate.