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2024 Jul 29 - 08:00 to 2024 Aug 1 - 18:00
Denver, Colorado
2024 Sep 25 - 08:00 to 2024 Sep 27 - 18:00
Guimarães, Portugal

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Web3D 2024 Call for Papers and Contributions is now open. Share your latest 3D work! Requesting authors to submit their papers and posters. Submission deadline, May 20, 2024.
2024 Mar 1
Web3D Consortium had another successful year with new collaborators and proven allies to venture the crossroads of 3D on the Web. From new alliances to successful outreach and continued development of our Standards
2024 Feb 11
Immersive 3D visualization helps researchers with richer knowledge of fluid in tumors and could lead to advancements in understanding how glioblastoma tumors spread.
2024 Feb 10
X_ITE announces it's new release - An open source 3D JavaScript library that uses WebGL for 3D rendering. Authors can publish X3D and VRML 3D Scenes on the Web without plugins. This gives X3D authors the ability to display content in 3D, using WebGL in several Web browsers and platforms.
2024 Jan 5
The Web3D Consortium Lifetime Technical Excellence award is presented to Dr. Richard Puk in recognition of his significant technical contributions to the development of X3D and HAnim ISO graphics standards for over 40 years. Congratulations to Dick on this recognition with our many thanks for all his support to Web3D Consortium
2023 Oct 11
Join us to advance the exciting world of 3D on the Web! Generate new knowledge and unlock the value of 3D across several application domains. Program Highlights: Metaverse - Digital Twins - AR/VR Simulation - Scientific Visualization
2023 Oct 1
Web3D 2023 conference is holding a Metaverse Workshop “Building 3D Web Interoperability for the Metaverse“ In this emerging space and perspectives; we hope this Workshop will push our Metaverse understanding and terminology forward and also provide the community with an actionable set of common referents and goals. Register Now!
2023 Sep 25
Introducing our Keynote Speakers, Mel Slater, Marius Preda and Francois Daoust. Their contributions to the field of 3D Graphics have been transformative, and they continue to shape the future of this industry. They will provide new insights into the evolving world of 3D technologies and the metaverse.
2023 Sep 18