SIGGRAPH 2023 Highlights

Web3D Consortium celebrated its 28 years of breakthroughs in 3D Web technology along with 50 years of SIGGRAPH history. Bolstered by a community of innovators who have mapped the future of interactive, real-time 3D Graphics. Web3D Consortium members lead several birds of the feather discussions.

Cartographic Visualization (Carto) BOF

Highlighted the future of digital mapping to support our daily lives. Web3D Members demonstrated various Web3D Geospatial solutions for interactive cartographic display and international mapping.  Twitter thread

X3D4 is Web3D Ready 

A major upgrade to the X3D Graphics

Evolution of X3D to support current 3D technologies.The X3D4 Architecture Specification is Web ready, used in many 3D applications, highly mature, implemented, functionally complet

What is New?

  • ​​ glTF Physically Based Rendering (PBR)

  • Humanoid Animation (HAnim2)

  • Web Audio API and MIDI2

3D Web Interoperability for the Metaverse

Industry leaders, Standards development Organizations (Web3D Consortium), Metaverse Standards Forum(MSF), and Browser developers discussed how best to make the Metaverse fully interoperable with the WWW and the Standards ecosystem.

Ideas about how URL additions and Geospatial/Web media fragments offer a path for cloud-mediated integration of diverse model resources.

ISO Activities for the Metaverse

Use cases: 3dMD_Medical , Web3D_Geospatial,  IVN_VR,


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Mon, 2023-08-21