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Web3D 2023: Early registration ends 8th sept 2023. Immersive 3D innovation at it's best! Join us to advance the exciting world of 3D on the Web!
2023 Aug 29
Web3D Consortium celebrated its 28 years of breakthroughs in 3D Web technology along with 50 years of SIGGRAPH history. Bolstered by a community of innovators who have mapped the future of interactive, real-time 3D Graphics. Web3D Consortium members lead several birds of the feather discussions.
2023 Aug 21
The Web3D2023 Papers Deadline has been extended to 9 July 2023! Gain exposure to an international audience passionate about 3D Graphics and the Web.
2023 Jun 12
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS - Papers, Tutorial, Workshops, Industrial Use Cases and Competition. Papers submission deadline June 15, 2023.
2023 May 21
The INCITS Technical Excellence award is presented to Dr. Richard Puk in recognition of his significant technical contributions to the development of graphics standards within Web3D Consortium, INCITS, ANSI, and ISO for over 40 years. Congratulations to Dick on this recognition with our many thanks for all his support to Web3D Consortium, INCITS Graphics and Imaging, and ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 24.
2023 Apr 30
The 3D Web Interoperability Exploratory Group proposal has been accepted by the Metaverse Standards Forum oversight committee. The proposal offers opportunity to find the right mix of Standards and best practices to suit the needs of the next Metaverse. All are welcome to join and participate in these discussions as we build on this proposal and bring more value to the Metaverse!
2023 Apr 3
2023 IEEE VR's Satellite Workshop at Virginia Tech (25 and 26 March 2023) will gather practitioners from immersive visualization laboratories to share their success stories, information about their hardware setups and the software they used and/or developed. A Virginia Tech paper and on-site tour of the Visionarium Lab presents how X3D has helped fulfill their mission for decades and continues to provide access and innovation for a variety of users across campus and discplines.
2023 Mar 15
Web3D 2023 Call for Papers and Contributions is now open. Share your latest 3D work! Requesting authors to submit their papers. Submission deadline, June 15, 2023.
2023 Mar 9