Port of Gulfport

3D Visualization of the Port of Gulfport


The Joint Use Location Port of Gulfport allowed for Versar Global Solutions to execute our objectives with the DOD and simultaneously collect and create data for the Port of Gulfport. Our team was able to repurpose photogrammetric and LiDAR data collected at the study location for the DOD and integrate it with existing and publicly available data to develop a 3D representation of the site.


Our team established a survey control network and collected airborne UAS Photogrammetry, terrestrial LiDAR, bathymetric multibeam sonar, and ship-based side facing LiDAR for over 1,050 acres (830 land and 220 bathymetry) in a 4-day period. We supported digital integration, post processing and reporting of model-based engineering level (<2 cm) 3D data products onsite. We developed an X3D interactive solution for the Port and our clients that was geographically accurate, provided a temporal record state, was foundational and scalable, allowed for simulations and scenario planning, emergency response and preparedness, showed efficiencies and constraints, and enabled communication and collaboration.
We were able to enable real-world location measurements and coordinates and the ability to move models, toggle on and off features, and interact with the environment with a customized user interface. The scene contained X3D Models as well as point clouds and environmental elements.


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